MR Light Mecha Erabuds

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€89,90 EUR
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€89,90 EUR
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Color: I-R-M
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MR Light Mecha Erabuds

MR Light Mecha Erabuds

€119,90 €89,90

MR Light Mecha Erabuds

€119,90 €89,90
Color: I-R-M

Have you ever struggled to find Bluetooth earphones that truly complement Iron M's armor? Well, worry no more because our brand-new Iron M series Bluetooth earphones are officially here to make your musical journey more thrilling, comfortable, and enjoyable!


Iron M Armor Design, MV Officially Licensed 🦸‍♂️
Featuring a unique mecha-inspired design, these Bluetooth earphones not only provide an auditory feast but also a visual delight. Crafted from zinc alloy, the tech-savvy design lets you experience the charisma of Iron Man. Marvel officially licensed, delivering a genuine superhero experience.

Comfortable Fit for Extended Wear 🎧
Ergonomically designed with a compact and skin-friendly fit, these earphones make you forget you're even wearing them. No more discomfort during prolonged use, allowing you to enjoy music while experiencing upgraded comfort.

360° Immersive Sound Quality, In-Depth Analysis 🎶
Equipped with a 13mm composite metal diaphragm, these earphones deliver all-encompassing immersive sound quality. The delicate and profound audio analysis turns every song into a musical feast. You deserve a higher quality auditory experience.

Bluetooth 5.3, High-Speed Stable Transmission 🚀
No more frustration with music lag – Bluetooth 5.3 technology ensures high-speed and stable transmission, providing a seamless audio experience. Lower power consumption and more stable connections ensure uninterrupted music enjoyment.

Long-lasting Battery Life, Enduring Performance ⚡
Approximately 4 hours of continuous use, with the charging case extending it to 12 hours. Intelligent Hall switch design enables instant pairing, allowing you to enjoy music anytime, anywhere without worrying about battery life. Long-lasting battery life ensures enduring performance, letting you fully experience the charm of music.

Metal Necklace, Hands-Free Enjoyment of Music 🎶
Featuring a trendy metal necklace design, it frees up your hands, allowing you to enjoy music more freely. Fashionable and stylish, making you a trendsetter in the world of music.

It's not just a pair of Bluetooth earphones; it's a part of your life. From appearance to performance, every detail is designed to help you better enjoy music and bid farewell to worries. Join us now, feel the tech-savvy vibe of Iron Man, and let music accompany every moment of your life. 🎧🚀

🔒 Limited Edition - Suit Up Your Ears in Style: Embrace the fusion of technology and style with the Iron M Light Mecha Earbuds. This limited-edition release is a must-have for Marvel enthusiasts and audiophiles alike. Elevate your audio experience to superhero heights – grab your pair before they fly off the shelves!

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