MV Lighter Style Earbuds

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€59,90 EUR
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Color: Red
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MV Lighter Style Earbuds

€69,90 €59,90

MV Lighter Style Earbuds

€69,90 €59,90
Color: Red
When you're in search of an extraordinary audio experience, headphones that make you feel the power of heroes, 🎧 MV-licensed Bluetooth earphones are your perfect choice!


💥 Reshaping the Heroic Experience
What you seek isn't just a pair of headphones, but an experience rooted in the MV Universe! Crafted from zinc alloy, these true wireless Bluetooth earphones draw inspiration from heroes like Iron M, Captain Am, Black P, and more. They're vividly colorful, allowing you to choose your favorite hero and immerse yourself in the extraordinary allure of science fiction! 🌌🦸‍♂️

🔒 Robust Shield
You desire more than just a cool appearance; you need the headphones themselves to be sturdy. Constructed from zinc alloy metal, these headphones not only possess formidable outer shells but also resonate sound within, delivering an immersive audio experience that adds excitement to gaming and binge-watching! 🎮🔊

🎵 Boundless Music
Your expectation isn't merely for audio quality but for true wireless freedom! Utilizing the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, these earphones ensure efficient and stable wireless transmission, minimal latency for synchronized gaming and video, strong anti-interference capabilities, allowing you to roam freely in the world of music and relish the genuine pleasure of wireless playback! 🎶📶

🌟 Detail Presentation
You pursue more than just sound; you crave capturing the nuances of every note! The 13mm copper ring PEEK diaphragm speakers deliver clear and transparent sound, while the fingerprint touch design enhances convenience in control. The ergonomic structure ensures a comfortable, fatigue-free experience even during prolonged wear. 🎵👆

⚡ Infinite Energy
You desire not just long-lasting battery life but the ability to enjoy music anytime, anywhere! With a built-in 320mAh battery, these earphones provide over 15 hours of continuous playback, allowing you to indulge in your music whenever you please! 🔋🎶

🚀 Innovative Design
You yearn for not only functionality but also breathtaking design! The lighter-style flip-top design makes single-handed operation cool and simple. The meticulously designed ambient lights breathe life into the earphones, turning them into a fantastic piece of art by your side! 🕹️💡

These Bluetooth earphones are not just an audio device but a form of emotion and a choice that showcases personality. Whether you're passionate about music, chasing technological trends, or longing for a world of heroes, these earphones promise an unparalleled experience for you! 🎶✨


  • Model: Mec 3D
  • Support mode: ABS/zinc alloy/aluminum alloy/Tempered glass
  • Bluetooth Version: V5.3
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Usage time: About 15 hours
  • Charging compartment battery capacity: 320mAh
  • Effective distance: 10m
  • Charging interface: Type-c

What's in the box:

  • Earphones * 2
  • Charging Case * 1
  • Charging Cable * 1
  • User Manual * 1

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