TF01 Space Battleship Earbuds

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€49,90 EUR
€79,90 EUR
€49,90 EUR
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Color: Blue
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TF01 Space Battleship Earbuds

TF01 Space Battleship Earbuds

€79,90 €49,90

TF01 Space Battleship Earbuds

€79,90 €49,90
Color: Blue

Designed in collaboration with Tfs, featuring a sleek battleship design that ignites your inner energy! 🤖⚓💥

We proudly present the Tfs Collaboration Bluetooth Earbuds, bringing you a battleship-inspired exterior that exudes a cool and stylish aura when worn. These earbuds are not just accessories, but also a testament to awakening the Tf within you. 💪🎶🌟

Immersive sound quality that resonates in your soul, just like being in the midst of music! 🎶🔊🔥

With HiFi sound quality, these earbuds seamlessly merge you into the music, as if you're surrounded by an ocean of melodies. From the impactful bass to the soaring highs, every note becomes a heartbeat of the soul, delivering an authentic emotional experience. 🎵🎶🌈

Instant connectivity, crystal-clear calls, and immediate enjoyment of music and communication! ☎️📱🌟
The earbuds offer lightning-fast connectivity, delivering an instant music experience. Additionally, the microphone effectively filters out ambient noise, ensuring crystal-clear calls. With these earbuds, music and communication effortlessly intertwine in the palm of your hand. 🌐🗣️🎵

Stable connections, low latency, where gaming and music resonate in harmony! 📶🚀🎮
Enhanced with Bluetooth 5.3 technology, these earbuds maintain a stable connection, ensuring uninterrupted music and calls. What's even more exciting is the low latency design that enhances your gaming experience, seamlessly merging battles and melodies across space and time. 🎮🎶🔁


  • Model: TF01
  • Bluetooth version: v5.3
  • Horn Diameter: 13mm
  • Bluetooth Range: 10m
  • Charging Bin Capacity: 300mAH
  • Charging time: 1.5H
  • Earphone Capacity: 33mAh*2
  • Play Time: ≈5 hours
  • Battery life: 24 hours total
  • Charging interface: Type-C

What's in the box:

  • 2 x Bluetooth Earphones
  • 1 x Charging Case
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 3 x Earphone Cups(S,M,L Size)

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