TF11 Cylindrical Earbuds

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€59,90 EUR
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€59,90 EUR
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Color: Yellow
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TF11 Cylindrical Earbuds

TF11 Cylindrical Earbuds

€99,90 €59,90

TF11 Cylindrical Earbuds

€99,90 €59,90
Color: Yellow

🤖 Transform Your Audio with Bumble and Megatron Cylindrical Housing Earbuds – Where Style Meets Sonic Power! 🎶

Gear up for a revolutionary audio experience with our Bumble and Megatron Cylindrical Housing Earbuds – a perfect blend of iconic TFs design and cutting-edge sound technology. Elevate your everyday listening to a new level of style and power, whether you're on the side of the Autobots or embracing the might of the Decepticons. 

🎧 Dynamic Design, Unleash the TFs Spirit: The cylindrical housing of the Bumble and Megatron Earbuds is not just about form – it's a statement. The sleek, streamlined design embodies the spirit of Tfs, capturing the essence of Bumble's agility or Megatron's formidable presence.

🔊 Sonic Power in Every Cylinder: Immerse yourself in unparalleled sound quality that resonates from the heart of the cylindrical housing. The Bumble Earbuds deliver crystal-clear highs and deep lows, while the Megatron Earbuds boast powerful bass that commands attention. Your ears are in for a treat – it's more than just sound, it's an auditory adventure.

Elegant LED Illumination: Illuminate your audio journey with subtle LED accents on the cylindrical housing. Watch as the Bumble Earbuds radiate the vibrant glow of Autobot energy, and the Megatron Earbuds exude the ominous brilliance of the Decepticons. It's not just earbuds – it's a visual symphony.

📱 Seamless Connectivity for Tf Tech: Experience the ease of connectivity with Bluetooth technology that seamlessly integrates with your devices. The Bumble and Megatron Earbuds ensure a stable connection, allowing you to transform your surroundings with your favorite tunes.

🔋 Endurance Fit for Cybertron's Challenges: Conquer your daily battles with extended battery life, ensuring that the cylindrical housing Earbuds last through your most demanding missions. Whether you're facing the chaos of Earth or the challenges of Cybertron, your audio companions are ready for the journey.

🚀 Join the Tf Audiophile Elite: Become part of the global community of Tf audiophiles who have embraced the Bumble and Megatron Cylindrical Housing Earbuds. Connect with fellow fans, share your sound adventures, and revel in the shared passion for Tfs lore.

🌐 Choose Your Tf Spirit: Whether you align with the Autobots' courage or the Decepticons' cunning, the Bumble and Megatron Earbuds let you express your Tf spirit. It's not just about listening – it's about making a statement with every beat.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of the Tfs legacy. Elevate your audio experience with the Bumble and Megatron Cylindrical Housing Earbuds – where style meets sonic power. Assemble your style, embrace your tf spirit – it's time to roll out! 🚗🎧


Battery Properties: Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable Battery: Other
Noise Control: Noise cancellation for voice call
Connectivity: Wireless
Control Method: Touch
Material: Plastic
Headphone Features: Wireless
Control Type: Volume Control
Wireless Type: Other
Cable Feature: Without cable
Earcup Style: Semi-open-back
Age Range: Adult
Water Resistance Level: Non - Waterproof
Microphone Type: Condenser Microphone
Theme: Video game
Compatible Devices: Tablet
Recommended Use: Game
Included Components: Wireless Charging Case

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